Important Please Read

  •     AGE REQUIREMENTS: The Student is required to be 15 years and 9 months of age by the start of the program or 16 years of age by the last class of the program.

    • Individuals already 16 and older. 

    • The programs are open to adults seeking a driver education program.

    First class session is mandatory, should a student not attend first class session they will be dropped from the program.

  • Enrolling student must not have any previous criminal convictions that have not been resolved, such as tobacco, ATV, vehicular or criminal offenses. If so contact the DMV to determine if you are eligible to attend Driver's Ed. There are no refunds of tuition if you enroll and this matter prevents the student from completing the program or are denied to proceed with licensing.

  • Students must attend the 30 hours of classroom instruction. No more than 4 hours of absenteeism will be permitted and only for just cause as determined by the DMV, which is an excusable note from parent of serious illness or injury to the student or death in the family. An occurrence related to these matters will be accepted with documentation from parent, doctor or obituary clipping.  Student must perform an  assignment pertaining to the session missed. This assignment is determined to take up to 2 hours to complete and will be graded. 

  • Practiced Drive Training: For students under the age of 18 the DMV requires a minimum 30 hours of daylight and 10 hours of night practice driving to be performed by the student with a sponsor and recorded upon DMV Log Sheet #509. Any practiced driving by the student previous to the program will be accepted from the age of 15.5. 

You should be recording any practice driving the student has performed since their 15.5 birth date upon a NH-DMV form titled "Log Sheet" (click on link below to print this form)


Driver's Out-of-Class Log Sheet (DSMV 509)

Note: When practice driving the student must have a copy of a primary document within the vehicle stating their date of birth. If an incident occurs and no document is presented the student’s driving privileges will be revoked for a 6 month period.

No practice driving between the hours of 1 to 4am and only allowed to practice drive in the state of NH.


As a prerequisite to attending a program it is strongly suggested that you and the student view the DMV Manual online Driver's Manual (Operator), New Hampshire or go to your nearest DMV to get a free copy of one to understand practice driving requirements, right of way rules, traffic laws and safe driving insights.

Just because this state does not require a general knowledge written test to acquire a learner's permit does not suggest that a beginning driver should begin practice driving with no knowledge of operating a vehicle upon public roadways. Listed below are the essential chapters of the NH-DMV Operater's Manual that a beginning driver should have sound knowledge of.

Part- 5 Rules of the Road, 6: Turning & Signaling, 7: Following, Passing and Lane Usage, 8: Stopping, 9: Speed, 10: Parking, 11: Hazardous Driving Conditions, 12: Driving Emergencies, 13: Expressway Driving, 15: Young and Old Drivers, 16: Accidents and Financial Responsibility, 17: Safety and Energy Conservation, 18: Sharing the Road.

These headings all sound like good stuff to know if you want to be an responsible operator, don’t they?

Test their comprehension with the questions at the end of each chapter. Doing this will make practice driving a more enjoyable experience for both of you when the beginning driver has a mental comprehension of what to do.

Also review the road signs beginning on page 105 of the manual. It will be surprise you how little they have obtain by being a passenger, they have never paid attention to how you understand how to drive by reading signs and what to do at intersections and it is suggested that you begin explaining this when traveling together from now on.


This is one of the most important accomplishments your child will undertake and although they will be attending a comprehensive driver training program a strong parental participation and partnership between you and the school will be essential to preparing them for this.

If you are uncomfortable in practice driving I suggest we get together for a 1-hour private drive lesson @ cost of $60.00 before the program begins where the fundamentals of practice driving will be demonstrated and you can observe insights in becoming a good sponsor.