The school has experienced unpleasant experiences with individuals who misunderstand or only hear what they want to hear in the phone conversation of availability of a seat and then think they have enrolled by phone, that I am holding a seat by verbal conversation via phone and they can just walk in on first night with registration in hand. Even though it was clearly stated to them that they must drop off the registration to be enrolled and/or others who just walk in on first night. This is not acceptable, it is clearly stated numerously on this website how to enroll into a program.

Individuals that walk in on first night with a registration will be turned away.

A student's registration must be received before the program begins.

Please fill out the registration legibly and correctly, you MUST include a copy of Primary ID and a deposit or full payment check.

Once the program fills to capacity of 14 Students it will be removed from the website.

Excess/late Registrations will be notified and returned.

This incident occurs 4 or more times a year during check in for first class session and it is hope that this notice will bring this to an end.